my blogging journey

1 year of blogging journey

Sorry didn’t get time to write the post, so just sharing the recent success of October month. Will update the post later. Google Analytics for October Search Console stats for October Adsense income for October

carnage avenger

Carnage Avenger | My first ever fiction book

I am pleased to announce that my first-ever novel, Carnage Avenger, is now available in online bookstores. I never thought of writing/publishing a novel, but this one is actually based on a dream I saw a couple of months ago.…

my blogging journey

8 months of my side hustle | My blogging journey part 2

Background Since I started hosting websites, I have learned a lot. Be it keyword research, use of plugins, search engine optimization (SEO) or experimenting with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is a whole new world. I enjoy a lot spending…

year over year growth chart

Year Over Year Growth Chart | Free template

In this article, I will show you how to make year over year growth chart in Excel. In a hurry, download the free template and update it with your figures. What is Year-Over-Year Growth? Year-over-year (YOY) growth is a key…

barefoot investor side hustle

Barefoot investor side hustle 2021

I found a book named “The barefoot investor” written by Scott Pape. Yes, the name is unique but the suggestion provided in this book is also unique. In this book, the writer suggests to maintain five bank accounts. These five…

Hunger Virus

Do you know Hunger Virus is spreading since how many years? After we get rid of COVID-19 through vaccines, please do something about hunger virus. Back to home:

beautiful pictures of Pakistan

Beautiful pictures of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has various types of tourism namely: Religious tourism. Archaeological and historical tourism. Ecotourism. Adventure tourism. Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Pakistan. I will keep adding more. If you…

Best wordpress plugins for blogs

Best wordpress plugins for blogs in 2021 – Category wise

Below I have compiled a list of Best wordpress plugins for blogs. I found these plugins recommended by top websites like WPbeginner, themegrill, and blogtyrant. Further, I have added some plugins which I found useful in my Blogging Journey. Please…

excel absolute formula

Absolute formula and duplicate finder in Excel

In this post, I will explain Excel absolute formula and duplicate finder in excel. Let’s say, you are not having ERP in your Company and you need to find out which of your sales invoices are settled and what are…