Why I bought Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S20?

I have just bought Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S20. I opted for a one and a half year old phone because of the following reasons:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 is android 12 ready.

This year (2020), Samsung made a promise that we shall receive three years of update on the new Samsung phones but thankfully this policy applies to Samsung S10 and Note 10 series also from last year.

They were launched with Android Pie from out of the box, then came the android 10 and then android 11 which will come before end of the year and Android 12 will come next year.

This drastically changes the game of Samsung’s last year flagship phone.

  • I bought it for only 500 $, which is half the price of Galaxy S20.

Value wise Galaxy S10 series is amazing. You can grab the S10 plus at quite a good price. There are different deals going on.

  • Specs wise S10 is quite better than A series every single way.
  • It feels a lot more premium then Samsung’s latest plastic galaxy note 20 and even with the S20 FE.
  • You have much more variety in colors.
  • Amazing Quad HD display. But screen refresh rate is 60 Hz as compared to 120 in Galaxy S20.
  • Galaxy S10 series is the last flagship phone to have a headphone jack.
  • Software wise it has the same experience as Galaxy S20 with One UI 2.5 running on top.
  • Some main features from S20 were shifted to S10 lineup like the music share, custom filter pro video mode.
  • Aura glow color (Prism Silver) still has its unique look.
  • It has got a versatile camera setup that you can trust, almost as good as S20 family.
  • Apps loading time and ram management time is on point.

I am quite happy to make the right choice. You can check the unboxing video below.

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