Lion The King (Janda Pai Kapiraju) Hindi Dubbed – best movie 2020

The South Indian movie I am recommending today is Lion The King (Janda Pai Kapiraju) Hindi Dubbed.

It is recently released on Youtube and already got 11 million views in 1 week.

It shows story of a common man, who lives to his moral values.

However, corrupt system of his country isolates him, and all the evils happens to him.

But he decides to fight, supported by his friends and girlfriend and finally succeeds to expose corruption. ?

Watch here and let me know in comments if you like the movie.


Aravind is a 26 year old guy who was brought up in an ashram.

He is brought up with solid moral principles, but when he leaves orphanage, his principles are confronted by the corrupt social system.

Frustrated Aravind decides to fight immorality by taking on corrupt bureaucrats.

His friends and girlfriend join him on his mission to fight corruption.

With a fake name of Harish Chandra, based on a modified picture of Aravind, they trap government officials into accepting bribes.

They then successfully expose 147 officials, including Indumathi’s father, a court judge, and an MP.

All the exposed officials team up, led by the MP, to take on Aravind along with his team.

After scanning government records they find a look-alike, who fits the image and description of Harish.

The look-alike is named Maya Kannan, a 42-year-old middle-aged man who does underground work for the Tamil Nadu government.

The corrupt officials try to show that Harish is indeed a real person, to hamper Aravind’s plan.

Kannan accepts the deal on the condition of receiving 14.7 crores from them.

One of these corrupt people, informs Aravind and Aravind fears that all his efforts will be in vain.

He goes to Tamil Nadu to stop Kannan from alleging the made-up identity of Harish, leading to a fight between the two.

In the court hearing, Kannan successfully claims the identity of Harish, leaving Aravind and his team left with disappointment.

All the corrupt officials are glad that things went as planned, but suddenly there is a plot twist:

Kannan reveals that he was supporting Aravind from the start. The court decides the case in favour of Aravind, and Kannan praises Aravind for his efforts.

Kannan further reveals that he is a Psychology graduate who runs orphanages and senior homes for young girls and the elderly.

He adds that the 14.7 crores taken from these corrupt officials are used to build orphanages in four separate states.

When Arvind and Kannan hugs each other and step out of the court, Kannan is stabbed multiple times and a fight breaks out.

The goons were engaged by the corrupt officials to kill Kannan and Aravind.

Kannan saves Aravind from being stabbed and with the help of public manage to fight the goons.

However, Kannan eventually surrenders to his injuries with further wounds, leaving Aravind and his team shattered.

Movie ends revealing in credits that Aravind and his team became successful in their fight against corruption.

Plot source: Wikipedia

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