49 Excel keyboard shortcuts for Windows and MAC

Excel keyboard shortcuts comes very handy and save a lot of time while working. Below I have listed 49 Excel keyboard shortcuts for Windows and MAC.

S #Windows ShortcutMac ShortcutAction
1Alt+=Cmd+Shift+TAutoSum creates sum formula instantly
2Alt+1Shortcut for the first button in the Quick Access Toolbar
3Alt+ACClear all Filters on the sheet or Table
4Alt+Down ArrowOpt+Down ArrowMake the Filter drop-down menu appear, or make a validation list appear.
5Alt+Down Arrow+EJump to the Search box in the Filter drop-down menu
6Alt+F11Opt+Fn+F11Open VBA Editor Window
7Alt+F5Refresh Pivot Table
8Alt+HFSFont Size drop-down
9Alt+HOIAutoFit Column Width
10Alt+JTARename Table
11Alt+WFFApply or Remove Freeze Panes
12Arrow KeysArrow KeysSelect cells
13Ctrl+-(minus key)Ctrl+IDelete column(s) or row(s) when entire column/row is selected.
14Ctrl++(plus key)Ctrl+IInsert column(s) or row(s) when entire column/row is selected.
15Ctrl+1Cmd+1Open Format Cells window
16Ctrl+ACtrl+ASelect current range, entire table, entire pivot table, etc.
17Ctrl+Arrow KeysCtrl+Arrow KeysSelects the last used cell in the current range
19Ctrl+DCtrl+DCopy formula or value across to all selected columns.
20Ctrl+EndFn+Ctrl+Right ArrowSelects the last used cell in the worksheet
21Ctrl+FCmd+FOpen the Find Window
22Ctrl+F3Ctrl+LOpen the Name Manager
23Ctrl+HCtrl+HOpen the Find and Replace Window
24Ctrl+HomeFn+Ctrl+Left ArrowSelects the first cell in the worksheet
25Ctrl+NCmd+NNew Workbook
26Ctrl+OCmd+OOpen Workbook
27Ctrl+Page Up/DownShift+Fn+Up/Down ArrowSelects the previous or next sheet in the workbook
28Ctrl+RCtrl+RCopy formula or value down to all selected rows.
30Ctrl+Shift+5Apply percentage format to selected cells.
31Ctrl+Shift+Arrow KeysCtrl+Shift+Arrow KeysSelects the range of cells from the current selection to last used cell in the range
32Ctrl+Shift+EndCtrl+Shift+Fn+Right ArrowSelect range from current cell to last used cell
33Ctrl+Shift+HomeCtrl+Shift+Fn+Left ArrowSelect range of cells from current cell to top-left corner
34Ctrl+Shift+LCmd+Shift+FApply or Remove Filters
35Ctrl+Space BarCtrl+Space BarSelects the entire column
36Ctrl+TCtrl+TCreate an Excel Table
39EscapeEscapeExit Formula Edit mode without saving changes
40F12Cmd+Up Arrow+SSave As
41F2Ctrl+UOpen Formula Bar for in-cell formula editing
42F4Ctrl+YRepeats the last action
43F4 in Formula Edit modeCmd+TAnchor cell references in a formula
44F5 or Ctrl+GCtrl+GOpen Go To Window
45Shift+Alt+Left ArrowCmd+Shift+JUngroup rows or columns
46Shift+Alt+Right ArrowCmd+Shift+KGroup rows or columns
47Shift+F11 Shift+F11 Insert new worksheet
48Shift+F2Shift+Fn+F2Insert Comment
49Shift+Space BarShift+Space BarSelects the entire row

Tip: Shortcuts with Alt key are endless as it navigates to the ribbon. I have listed only few here. To explore more, press Alt in Excel and it will show you with the next key to be pressed for ribbon tab and thus guide you to navigate.

It is difficult to learn shortcuts all at once. However, if an operation is in your routine, you will remember the shortcut very soon by keep repeating it.

Hope you find this list useful. Please share it with your friends and let them save time also.

If you already know some of the shortcuts, please mention in the comments and I will make this shortcuts list more comprehensive. Stay tuned.

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