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I have more than 10 years of relationship with Ms. Excel.

During my six years career at KPMG, I have audited private, public, listed, and non-listed clients. Specially for listed clients, due to stringent regulatory deadlines of publishing Accounts, very limited time is provided to plan, perform, and finalize the audit.

In such cases, either you must do overtime or find efficiencies in audit tools. If you do not know, let me tell you, audit is based on data sampling for the reporting period which is usually 1 year.

Auditing the Accounts for the whole year humongous data in a limited time, is a very difficult task. Therefore, I had to learn the excel shortcuts and tricks to cope up with the challenge.

During the early days of audit firm, I used to work too much with Mouse to select formatting tools in Excel because I did not know any shortcuts.

Thanks to my senior M. Shafique bhai, who introduced and familiarized me with Excel ribbon shortcuts. Later, by the passage of time experimenting and learning from peers, I got a lot of other Excel tips and tricks under my sleeve.

Now through this blog, I will be sharing all those Excel tips and tricks, in easy to understand step by step tutorials

Excel formula with $ sign

excel formula with dollar sign

In this post, we will discuss Excel formula with $ sign. Many times you may have received an Excel file from colleague or someone else, where you find $ sign in formula like A$1+B2 or $A$1+B2 or $A1+B2. This formula format is different from normal…