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Bullet journal note book cover

There are thousands of books and millions of webpages available on the topic of leadership. This implies that the topic itself has much importance in people’s lives. In this book, I have tried to give a brief overview of leadership…

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carnage avenger

Carnage Avenger Overview: After his wife died due to COVID-19, life hit him hard again. His little daughter Jane died in a blast which was apparently done by armed forces of the neighbor country. Scott was there and knew that someone else…

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A journey to the end of life cover

It is difficult to find peace when you are still feeling the loss of your loved ones. COVID-19 has took so many lives that almost everyone of us has felt this pain of loosing close family members. And if you…

1 year of blogging journey

my blogging journey

Sorry didn’t get time to write the post, so just sharing the recent success of October month. Will update the post later. Google Analytics for October Search Console stats for October Adsense income for October

Hunger Virus

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Do you know Hunger Virus is spreading since how many years? After we get rid of COVID-19 through vaccines, please do something about hunger virus. Back to home:

Beautiful pictures of Pakistan

beautiful pictures of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has various types of tourism namely: Religious tourism. Archaeological and historical tourism. Ecotourism. Adventure tourism. Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Pakistan. I will keep adding more. If you…