About this blog

My personal blog where I write x y z stuff.

Why I created this blog?

I want to share my knowledge and experience with others. This blog is my online home. Everyone is welcome to my home.

What you will get from this blog?

Guests are served with various tips and suggestions on excel tricks, accounting and auditing updates, business ideas, lifestyle guidance and some secrets about blogging. I will also be posting about my beloved country Pakistan.

About me

My name is Usama and I am not a terrorist.

I was born in Pakistan and currently living in Qatar with my wife.

I am a Chartered Accountancy drop out, passed 16 out of 20 papers and failed also in these 16 papers.

I have worked as a salesman at my father’s business for 5 years. After that I joined KPMG audit firm and worked there for more than 6 years.

I have been to Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Currently, I am working in Qatar in a private group as a Chief Accountant and supervising Accounts of 3 companies.

I am a perpetual learner and like to do various stuffs. I have learned about coding through Python, taken Photoshop classes, and also made some android apps through App Builder (no coding knowledge required), some of them are still available on Google Play Store.

I am a fan of South Indian movies. Believe me some are really good. They try to make movies with unique content.

I have started a website linkscollections.com as a side hustle but this blog is the one where I like writing most as here I share my experience and knowledge.

I believe this life is temporary and there is heaven waiting for us in the hereafter.

My childhood dream was to do something good in this life that people will remember me for years. Till now I did nothing special but who knows, maybe this blog will fulfill my dream. ?

I will be sharing here what I have learned over the years because sharing is caring.

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Thanks for your time.

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